life right now [july]


finishing up my summer break. Those two months FLEW!

enjoying a one-on-one week with Colin (his sister is in Florida visiting Grandma). We’ve got lots of fun things planned- Cirque du Soleil, Bandimere Speedway, Water World, and more!

wearing this new summer dress. Initially I thought it was too little-house-on-the-prairie, but I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it and it’s very comfortable.

getting all the sleep with the encouragement of my Oura ring (I’ve gotten a bit crazy about my sleep since I started wearing it in May).

watching the new season of And Just Like That (the Sex and the City reboot).

listening to all the Taylor Swift… still. The concert (pictured above) was unbelievable.

reading Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone.

finishing all the back to school shopping (we start in two weeks)!

prepping some cute graphics to better clarify my messaging on Instagram (Canva is my fave!).

working on a huge refresh for my Family Yearbooks course! Coming soon!

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