life right now [july]


editing lots + lots of photos from my Seattle mini sessions.  I had SUCH a wonderful visit (one of the highlights being the sunset pictured above…. that’s not edited one bit)!

watching The Bachelorette to catch up in time for the finale.

listening to old episodes of the Dear Sugars podcast.

reading House of Sand and Fog. It’s been on my bookshelf for many, many years.

organizing allllll the photos, allll around the world right now.  I love this service offering so, so much!

shopping for Back to School supplies. What happened to summer?

counting down to Kindergarten in less than a month! All the feelings!

catching up on my Project Life album.  It’s been neglected for the past few months.

booking a trip back to Wisconsin this fall so I can use my Green Bay Packers season tickets for the FIRST TIME EVER (about 5 years ago I got off the waiting list after being put on it basically at birth… don’t worry, my parents have used the tickets all this time).

planning a fun little mountain getaway with some of our local extended family.


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