life right now [july]


making a custom video from our trip to visit my parents at their cabin in Wisconsin.

shopping for school supplies. I can’t believe the kids are going back to school in just 2 weeks!

wrapping up the final week of my summer break. I’ll begin client work and calls again next week.

loving this new outdoor rug I found on sale at Costco (it was way cheaper in store). It added a bunch of color to our patio!

wearing this t-shirt all summer long (I bought it in a bunch of different colors).

reading The Vanishing Half. 

listening to the new Sharon Says So podcast.

watching Big Brother.

nerding out over a new tape dispenser (yes, really). I started using cute custom “Miss Freddy” shipping tape a few months ago, but it requires water to activate the adhesive and it’s been kind of inconvenient to use. I’m so excited about this water-dispensing option!

getting ready to open applications for my 12-week Small Group Mentorship Program (the next round will begin in September).

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