life right now [june]


making a list of fun summer outings for me + the kids.  I have one day off of work a week + they have one day with no school and I want to make it an adventure day.  If you have any suggestions for kid-friendly activities near Golden, I’d love to hear them!

wrapping up another session of the Backup Bootcamp.  I made some big changes this round that made the process easier for everyone and I’m SO proud of how many people successfully completed the Bootcamp!  I love helping people remove their photo overwhelm!  If you missed the Backup Bootcamp, you can sign up here to be notified when I open the class again.

pondering ideas for potential future online courses.  Some I’m considering: Organizing Physical Photos, Phone Photo Editing, Using Lightroom.  If any of those sound interesting to you, let me know!

getting really tired of The 100 Day Project (only two weeks left)!  I’ve been keeping up with daily posts though… you can see  all the photos on Instagram.

prepping for another round of the 6-Week Health Challenge… it runs four times a year and the next one kicks off July 9th!

reading Full Body Burden for a local Book Club I just joined.

watching more Homeland.  I don’t even know what season we’re on at this point, but Claire Danes is so dang good.

loving my new Birkenstocks.  I got them for my birthday and then immediately fell in love + purchased a second pair.  I’m living my middle school dreams (back then I rocked Target Firkenstocks though).

organizing my bathroom drawers using these nifty organizers (nerd alert)!

looking forward to my upcoming trip to Seattle!  I still have a few openings for mini sessions at Rattlesnake Lake and the Vashon ferry… would love to see you there!




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