life right now [june]



catching up on life after an amazing week on the Olympic Peninsula with John’s college friends.  It was really fun to explore more of this part of the country- LOVED it!  [photo above taken in Long Beach where we rented a house]

loving my garden [still].  I think the neighbors heard me exclaim ‘JOHN… THERE’S A TOMATO!!!  A TINY TOMATO!!!’ when I first saw that teeny little bulb.  We have enjoyed a couple fresh romaine salads and look forward to tomatoes/peppers/green beans/zucchini later this summer (hopefully).

obsessing over Colin giving hugs on demand.  But if he’s in the middle of an activity and can’t be bothered to walk over to me for the hug, he will lean his head into the closest surface, then go back to what he was doing as if the request has been adequately satisfied.  Cracks me up!

listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s Girls Chase Boys.  Fun & catchy.

reading Loving Frank, after it had been recommended to me by many different people.  So far so good.

watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Always the television highlight of my summer.

feeling great.  I love the second trimester!

researching double strollers.  Do I need one?  Is side-by-side or front-back seating best?  We love our City Mini so should I just get the double version?  Totally undecided and would LOVE input!

enjoying the breeze from open windows.  Love the ‘summer’ temps in Seattle.

waiting anxiously for my college roommates to come visit next month!

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