life right now [march]


celebrating Colby’s 12th birthday! He still gets mistaken for a new puppy and it makes me hopeful we will have many more years together.

reading Cilka’s Journey. (I thought the Tattooist of Auschwitz was good so I hope this is too).

listening to the new Simplified podcast. I’m excited to see where this goes (I think an interview with Miss Freddy about simplifying your photos would sure be fun)!

watching Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t seen it in years but decided to start with Season 1 on Netflix. It’s been great background watching while I do some big scanning projects.

eating all the Real Good Cookies. I got their adorable St Patty’s Day box. The cookies are stuffed with different surprises like full Oreos, lucky charms, rainbow cakebites, and more!

figuring out the timing for the next round of my Small Group Mentorship Program. I’d like to take the summer off again so I need to decide where this fits in.

prepping my presentation for the TPM Conference next month in Atlanta.

scanning one of my college bestie’s old scrapbooks. This has been my FAVORITE project because I’m re-living all our fun memories.

wrapping up my Spring Sale! All my courses are 25% off with code SPRING25 until March 22nd.

feeling like I need a vacation! Anyone else?

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