life right now [march]


recovering from the 10th Annual Photo Managers conference that was here in Denver last week (I presented a session on Instagram which was fun!).

feeling more organized and so much lighter after scanning hundreds of physical papers for my business to finally go paperless (I was inspired by my new Organizing Digital Files Fast Class!)

wearing some new clothes (and a couple pieces from my closet I hadn’t worn in a few years) after buying the SAHM Wardrobe Basics Builder from Outfit Formulas.

cleaning all the things with this silly ‘goo’ (my car cup holders, my fabric covered photo books, the gross window tracks in my house, etc).

reading A Place for Us.

listening to Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty (Anderson Cooper’s book) on audiobook.

eating all the Starburst jellybeans.

playing Beatstar on my phone (my kids love this game!).

outlining my next Fast Class! The winning topic was Preparing Your Photos for a Natural Disaster.

doing my annual Spring Sale right now! Courses, Guides, and Fast Classes are 25% off until April 10th with code SPRING25.

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