life right now [may]


feeling loved after a nice Mother’s Day. Colin ended the day by asking “did I treat you nice today, Mom? Miss Cathy told me on Friday that I needed to treat you nicely this weekend!” So sweet.

keeping up with The 100 Day Project (almost half way… some of my favorites are shown above)!  You can see more of the photos on Instagram.

starting a new part-time job as the photographer for a local company here in Golden: Spinster Sisters Co!  It’s kind of crazy how this came about (I can thank my silly 100 day project!) and I’m SO excited to work with a team again.

loving how GREEN things are in Colorado right now!

shopping for kids summer clothes.  I can’t wait for Jill to wear these adorable flamingo shorts!

reading Better Than Before.

watching Broadchurch on Netflix.

wrapping up another successful round of the Health Challenge.  The final numbers are still coming in, but so far the group has lost more than 585 pounds!  The next challenge is July 9th, but you can join us for a FREE ‘Off Season’ event in June!

filming new course material for the next run of the Backup Bootcamp.  Coming in June!  I’m such a nerd… I just LOVE talking about this topic.

setting up the booking page for my travel sessions… mark your calendars for June 1st when they ALL go on sale!  Will I see you in Seattle or Minneapolis?

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