life right now [may]


getting ready for summer break (the kids get out of school tomorrow)!

feeling glad I haven’t gotten around to planting my flower boxes because we got a FOOT of snow over the weekend.

listening to The Body Keeps the Score on audiobook. It’s heavy.

reading The Lost Apothecary on my kindle.

watching Yellowstone (we’re on season three now).

drinking Athletic Greens in the mornings (the IG influencers finally got me). I’ll be honest… don’t love it yet.

wearing this fun summer shirt I saw in an amazon ad.

using these wet-erase markers on our kitchen whiteboard- so, so, so much cleaner than dry erase (because you have to use water to wash them off it doesn’t leave all that yucky black residue).

wrapping up my client work in preparation for my summer break (I won’t be accepting new clients until August).

prepping some fun giveaways (and maybe a flash sale for email subscribers) to celebrate Miss Freddy’s 9th Birthday next month! Stay tuned…

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