life right now [October]


recovering from a quick weekend trip to Breckenridge. It was originally booked as a solo trip (I was going to write my next eBook!) but childcare fell through so I brought the kids instead and it was a fun weekend… even if I wrote zero total words.

playing with my iPhone 13 Pro. I’m loving the faster interface + additional storage size, but I’ll admit I’m not loving the camera yet. (I don’t like the new macro feature where it ‘snaps’ between macro and regular automatically… it just feels glitchy!) I’m hoping it’ll improve with future updates.

wearing this comfy hoodie. I said this last month too, but the Instagram ads for Amazon have been SPOT ON for me lately! (FYI- I went up a size to make it a bit more comfy).

reading The Book Of Longings. I’m really enjoying it.

listening to The Things We Cannot Say on audiobook.

watching Colorado School of Mines football… we’ve lived here 5+ years and FINALLY took the kids to our first ever game and LOVED IT! (Ok, maybe I was just there to see Blaster the miniature donkey mascot.)

celebrating meeting my 2021 Reading Goal (I use GoodReads to track)! In recent years I’ve read 10-15 books a year so when I set a goal of FIFTY for this year it felt a little crazy.

obsessing over the Woodhouse Day Spa. For years I’ve heard friends + neighbors talk about it, but finally treated myself to a facial last week. I will FOR SURE be asking for gift certificates there this Christmas!

working on my next eBook- an iPhone User Guide. It’ll have lots of tips on how I use Reminders, Notes, Photos, and much more. Hoping to launch it next month.

prepping my annual Holiday Sale! It’ll be November 15-30 this year.

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