life right now [october]


recovering from my Mastermind Retreat last week. We took a cruise out of LA and spent our days at sea doing ‘hot seats’ where we dedicated 3-4 hours of attention to each person’s individual business. It was fabulous.

dressing up for Halloween today. Jill is Luisa from Encanto and I’m her accompanying donkey. We wanted Colin to be Bruno (to go with the theme) but he opted for Bowser.

shopping for Colin’s birthday gifts. The only thing he asked for was this crazy “Fury Bowser” and it’s taking forever to get here from China (hopefully it arrives in time for his birthday).

sleeping in these silly heel socks and my dry feet are DRAMATICALLY improved!

reading Beneath a Scarlett Sky. It’s free with Amazon Prime and is quite good so far.

listening to The Psychology of Money audiobook.

watching Love is Blind Season 3 on Netflix.

eating this DELICIOUS, simple meal that my entire family loves.

prepping for my upcoming Holiday Sale! It’ll start November 21st.

working on another Fast Class that I hope to have ready around that same time. If you missed it, I launched a new one called Organizing Videos earlier this month!

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