life right now [september]


upping our camping game with this ginormous tent. First of all, this was our first tent camping experience as a family of four. Second of all, I told John the four of us couldn’t fit in the small tent we own so he said he’d handle it. This one probably could hold the entire Cub Scout pack. ????  

shopping for Jill’s 9th birthday. I think she’ll be most excited about this gift

wearing BELTS! I did a style consult with an IG friend – she’s helping me better style my closet and learn to accessorize.

loving this little tool for layering necklaces (like I said, I’m learning).

watching nothing at the moment, but I think the Golden Bachelor may get me to tune in this season.

listening to The Body: A Guide for Occupants. So many fascinating facts!

reading My Murder. Enjoying it so far.

eating all kinds of soup. I’m in a 10 week program with a nutritionist and this week was a 5 day ‘fast mimicking program’ where I could only eat the specific things in the box. No joke, every single night this week I dreamt I accidentally ate food from outside the box. I’m glad it’s almost over.

ordering my wedding album. It should be here for our 15th anniversary. This was the project I chose to complete alongside the current Family Yearbook Support Group and I’m so excited I finished it! 

filming all the updated videos for the Family Yearbooks course! The website looks soooooo good and I can’t wait for it to go live soon.

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