life right now [september]


prepping for the next round of the Friends.Food.Fitness Health Challenge (it begins October 9th!).  Above is a screen shot from a promo I filmed yesterday (video coming soon).

teaching PiYo (officially!) once a week at the gym.  Two classes under my belt and the nerves are starting to subside.

planning Jill’s 3rd birthday party.  It’ll be a small party with family, but she’s asked for a flamingo theme.  Turns out Party City packs away all their luau decor for winter (I guess that makes sense) so it’s Amazon to the rescue!

loving Jill’s ballet + tap class!  Sooooo adorable.

enjoying Colin’s t-ball league too.  They’re 3-4 year olds with basically no understanding of baseball so it’s hilarious to watch them hit the ball and then try to run to 2nd or 3rd base.  No surprise, his favorite part of the game is the snack that comes afterwards (he’s my son after all).

reading A Girl at War.  It only took me a year of complaining about the terrible ebook selection through our local library’s website to realize I could get a library card at the DENVER Library and hooray!!  I just downloaded 6 titles I’d been wanting to read!

watching the Big Brother finale.  I feel like Paul earned the win, but I’d love for it to go to Christmas.

celebrating a busy photography calendar this fall.  It’s hard to re-build a business in a new city so I’m thankful for new local clients!

closing registration for my online photography courses at the end of the month.  I hope you’ll download them before they’re gone!

working on a FREE “backup bootcamp” to help everyone get their digital photos in order and safely backed up.  Ideally I’ll work on this course all fall and launch it at the start of the year (organizing your digital photos is a perfect New Year’s resolution)!



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