life right now [july]


recovering from a 10 day road trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We had an awesome time visiting our families!

tripping over allllllll the Legos.  Colin has entered the Lego-phase (he’s obsessed) and lucky for him, we discovered a box in the basement that was full of John’s childhood Legos!

donating boxes of diapers because Jill is fully potty trained (even overnight)!  I’m so proud of my baby girl.

rocking my new Friends.Food.Fitness apparel.  Hard to pick a favorite, but I’m loving “Stronger Than Yesterday” (because… Britney).

breathing a sigh of relief that my PiYo audition at the gym went well.  Fingers crossed I will start teaching classes in a month!

watching The Bachelorette.  So excited for the finale!

eating lots of local Palisade peaches.  Because it’s that time of the year in Colorado!

reading All The Ugly and Wonderful Things.

organizing a Back to School themed photo playdate.  If you’re in the Denver area, make sure you’re on my newsletter so you get the details.  Professional photos of your kid(s) FOR FREE!

preparing for my Seattle Minis this weekend!  I AM SO EXCITED TO RETURN TO THE PNW!



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