life right now [may]


celebrating that school is out for summer! I took the above photo on the last day of school- complete with masks and Chromebook- to document how different the end of this year looks.

hoping so hard that the kids can go back to school in-person this fall.

watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. I read the book last year and the TV show is excellent.

reading City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. Enjoying it so far.

organizing my spice cabinet. Why did it take me my ENTIRE LIFE to buy one of these things?

wrapping up lots of client work this week. I’m not taking new clients in June + July, but will still be active with my online courses and Instagram over the summer.

working hard on my Mac Basics course… should be ready to launch this summer!

sharing a fun, new online quiz to help you determine the ‘best’ cloud service to backup your photos + the results come with a FREE Get Started Guide!

prepping a few giveaways for Miss Freddy’s birthday (next month)!

wishing for normalcy. Someday soon.

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