she’s got this.

I see them everywhere now. The park. The zoo. The store. The library. The gym. [Ok, that’s a lie. I don’t go to the gym.]


Moms with their kids. So many moms.

I see each one and automatically think ‘she’s got this.’ She knows exactly what she’s doing.

I see the mom wearing her pajamas at the grocery store, pushing her son in the cart. She loads the cart with boxes of processed-sugary goodies, things I don’t typically feed my family. Yet I don’t think she’s doing anything wrong at all. No, in fact, I think she is doing everything right. She’s got this.

I listen to a mom, at playgroup, talking about co-sleeping with her daughter. We don’t do that with our son, yet I don’t think she’s doing anything wrong. She has everything completely under control. She’s got this.

There’s something about every mom that makes me think… inherently… she knows exactly what she’s doing.


So, why, when I look in the mirror can’t I think the same thing? Why, instead, do I battle the constant doubt– am I doing this right? is this the right thing to feed him? is this the right car seat to buy? is this the right soap to use?

Why can’t I accept for myself that maybe… just maybe… THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER?

But that got me wondering… do these moms I see in public, these moms I think inherently know what they’re doing… do they doubt themselves like I do?

When those moms look in the mirror, do they know that they’re doing an amazing job? Do they think ‘I’ve got this?’

Maybe not. Maybe some of them are just like me.


So, to all the mommas:

Know that, when I see you… at our playdate… at our photo session… at the grocery store… at the gym [hah]… I think you’re doing an amazing job.

That’s it. I see you & I just know that. Even if you’re wearing no makeup. Even if your kid is wearing a diaper & nothing else. Even if you’re in pajamas that you put on two days ago. Even if your kid is having a full-on-meltdown. Even if your sink is full of dishes. Take comfort in knowing that I think you’re doing everything exactly right. You’ve got this.

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