six and a half


You’re six and a half, baby boy. Your half birthday happened to coincide with your last day of kindergarten. What a milestone! Your first year of elementary school is in the books and you’re so ready to tackle first grade (even if I’m over here shaking my head trying to figure out how I have a first grader!).

You are still unbelievably smart, kid.  You’re reading chapter books at nearly an adult pace, spelling really complicated words, scribbling stories (with chapters!) in your notebook, and quizzing me with made-up math problems.

Your ability to retain numbers is truly phenomenal. You can recite the scores of NFL games (for any team!) from the 2018 season. We’ll ask you ‘what was the score of the Chiefs/Patriots game?’ and then fact check with Alexa. You’re always correct. Your brain is swimming with sports stats… NBA team records, historical facts you memorized from library books about sports… the list goes on. You amaze me, Colin. I can’t wait to see where you’ll take this skill.

Change is still hard for you. You expect perfection from yourself, for things to go exactly as planned, and your attitude suffers when things don’t happen that way. Your feelings are easily hurt and your emotions are always brimming over. As your mom, I haven’t figured out the best way to manage these big feelings, but each time you shed tears over something seemingly small (like forgetting to write a note to your bus driver saying goodbye for the summer), I’m touched by your sensitive and caring soul.

You’re going to do big things, bud, and I’m so proud to be your mom.


Favorite Food: Plain Cheeseburger

Favorite Book:  Anything NBA or NFL related, Magic Treehouse series

Favorite Song: Magic School Bus Theme Song (acapella version)

Favorite Toy: Nuggets Basketball Hoop (attached to your bunk bed)

Favorite Thing to Do:  Ride bikes to the creek, play basketball in your room

Favorite TV Show:  Magic School Bus

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