ten ideas for random acts of kindness

This year I only made one goal for myself:  do a random act of kindness every week.  Now that we are nearly one third of the way through 2015 (wow, already?) I thought I would share an update.

The good news:  I’m still going strong with at least one act a week.  [although I stopped posting a weekly photo on Instagram.  I don’t know… it was feeling tacky and that was never my intention.]

The bad news:  After the initial burst of excitement, it’s been a little harder than I expected.  During a couple weeks, I ‘didn’t feel like’ doing a random act.  Each time was during a moment of emotional or physical exhaustion and I found myself thinking ‘you know, I could really use a random act of kindness FOR MYSELF.‘  Ugly thoughts, I know, but that’s why this goal has been so good for me.  Because, in those moments, I needed to do the random act EVEN MORE.  Not surprisingly, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER after every. single. act.

Love these ten ideas for random acts of kindness!


10 ideas for random acts of kindness

1) Send an amazon electronic gift card to a friend who needs a pick up after a hard day/week/month.

2) Double your dinner recipe and bring the other half to a busy/sick/exhausted friend.

3) Donate some of your family’s toys/books to children who you know will enjoy them [get your kids involved]!

4) Bring coffee to a tired coworker/friend/childcare provider.

5) Bake something yummy and bring it to your neighbors/mailman/teacher.

6)  Send an unexpected care package/gift to someone you love.

7)  Drop some letters in the mail ‘just because’ [include some artwork from the kids]!

8)  Make a donation to a friend’s charity/cause/”gofundme” request.

9)  Pay for the person behind you in the drive through line.

10) Collect old towels/blankets/pet items and donate to an animal rescue organization.

Love these ten ideas for random acts of kindness!

Any other random acts of kindness ideas to share?  Have you ever received one that brightened YOUR day?  Leave a comment below because I’d love new ideas… there are still lots of weeks left in the year!

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