three and a half


You’re three and a half, baby girl.  Except, you love to play the role of a baby so I often forget you’re so grown up already.  You love baby talk.  You demand to sit in a high chair if we are at a restaurant.  You love to take the baby bouncy seat out of storage and ask to be strapped into it.  But if we refer to you as a ‘baby’ you immediately reply that you’re a big girl.  It’s terribly confusing.

You have really gotten into dance.  Your weekly ballet + tap class is definitely the highlight of your week and you love to listen to the recital song on repeat when we’re in the car.  I love to watch you dance.  My favorite part of class every week is the warmup when the group skips in a big circle and you yell out the doorway “Mommy, look at me!!”  You do it every time!

You practice your dance moves for anyone who will watch and you ADORE the Trolls movie because of all the opportunities to dance.  Your favorite scene is the end during “Can’t Stop the Feeling” when Poppy quickly taps her feet.  You jump up and re-enact this scene every time.

Lately, you walk up to me out of the blue and say “Mommy, I love you” and then go back to whatever you were doing.  Initially I was skeptical… like… whattttt did you just do that you’re trying to gloss over?… but USUALLY you’re actually not covering up something naughty.  It’s such a sweet thing to say and I love to hear those words!

But, oh, can you throw a fit when you’re angry.  Mornings are your most common time to shriek and yell.  (I started calling you “peacock” because your screams sound oddly similar to the peacocks at the zoo… hah!)  We joke that it’s “hanger” and rush to feed you breakfast, but that doesn’t always do the trick.  I’ve learned to pick my battles with you because I really don’t love starting our days with so much screaming.

You’re obsessed with all things pink.  At the Easter egg hunt last weekend you would walk past allllll the eggs and only pick up the pink ones!  It was hilarious!  The only exception you make to your pink-loving nature is to wear your ‘shamrock shirt’ (a St Patricks Day dress we found at Target).  I wash it every night because you want to wear it

There are so many moments when I look at you and think ‘this stage is just the absolute best… I want you to stay this age forever!‘ but then I remember I’ve thought that over + over again during your life.  You’re just always the best, Boo (well.. except when you haven’t been fed breakfast in a timely manner).




Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese (‘yellow noodles’)

Favorite Book:  Everything That Glitters Is Guy (Trolls)

Favorite Song: Get Back Up Again from Trolls (but she asks for it in a stream of gibberish that sounds like ‘…time and I’m in up pert flies…’) or her ballet recital song ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’

Favorite Word: “Mom, I love you.”  She comes up to me out of the blue multiple times a day and says this.  It’s seriously the sweetest (when she’s not using it to cover for something naughty she did).

Favorite Toy: Barbie castle or the flamingo

Favorite Thing to Do:  Dance, dance, dance

Favorite TV Show:  Trolls (but “not the one with Poppy on the moon”)



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