two and a half



Just a few moments ago I put you into your crib for naptime.  Except today wasn’t like most days.  Sure, it started with your typical toddler stalling techniques (“more milk!”  “blanket!”  “lovey!” “light on!”).  Amid the demands, you heard your sister begin to cry in the other room and said ‘go fix it!’  I snuggled your (three) lovies next to your head, kissed your nose, and left the room to tend to your sister.

As I was helping Jill fall asleep, I could hear you crying “no fix it!!!” in between deep sobs.  It wasn’t the usual bedtime protest… you were really worked up.  When I went back into your room, I found you  gasping in between sobs, face covered in tears.  I picked you up and sat down with you in the chair.  We rocked while you recovered.  I held you as your body shook with tiny aftershocks even though your tears had stopped.

After you were calm, I contemplated moving you back into the crib.  My mind was running through my naptime to-do list (blog post to write, photo session to edit, gallery to send).  But, like I said earlier, today wasn’t like most days.  Today you needed snuggles from me.  You wanted to fall asleep in my arms.  It’s been a long time since you’ve done that.

I gave you another hug and let the to-do list disappear from my mind, replaced with memories of all the moments we spent in this chair while you were a baby.  You’re not a baby now though.  You are two and a half years old already.

I’ll never know exactly why today was different than other days.  I don’t know why you were so emotional or why you suddenly craved my snuggles.  Today was your daycare day and I’m sure playing with so many children wore you out.  It’s possible someone hurt your feelings.  You’re a sensitive kid.

I can feel you growing up.  Occasionally I catch a glimpse of you and I hardly recognize such a big boy.   I know kids are going to hurt your feelings.  I can’t protect you from them… and now you’re strong enough to face some challenges on your own.  But it’ll always be ok to ask for snuggles from Mom when you come home. Always.

I love you so much little guy,


On a less sappy note, I documented a couple of Colin’s ‘favorite things’ throughout his first year… here’s a quick update for 2.5!

Favorite Food: “Eggs bacon”

Favorite Book:  Curious George’s ABCs

Favorite Song: “Twinkle Twinkle” with Mommy & “Snuggle Puppy” with Daddy

Favorite Word: “Do it SELF”

Favorite Toy:  Matchbox Cars

Favorite Thing to Do:  pick flowers

Favorite TV Show:  Daniel Tiger…  I LOVE to catch him singing “you’ll have things you want to talk about… I will too.  BECAUSE IT’S YOU I LIKE!!”

I am lucky to be part of a blog circle of wonderful photographers who publish monthly letters to our children.  Check out Haley’s letter!

[photo credit: Brigette Rebol]

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