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For Jill’s third birthday, she got a BIG GIRL bed room!  As I was planning her room, I struggled to find decor options that would grow with her for years to come.  There were lots of nursery decor ideas and plenty of tween-type themes, but since decorating isn’t my strong suit, I wanted a solution that would last for YEARS.  Enter my love for USING YOUR PHOTOS and this fun photo display wall was born!

Another important note:  Power tools are also NOT my strong suit so you can trust that this DIY tutorial is SIMPLE.  If I can do it, I promise anyone can handle it!

how I made Jill’s photo display wall

  1. I purchased boards from Home Depot.  They cut six boards for me that were 5.5 in x 26 in.  (Like I said, I don’t do power tools so I left the cutting to the experts!)
  2. I applied two coats of white spray paint.
  3. After the boards were dry, I placed five nails in each board at 3.5in, 8.25in, 13in, 17.75in and 22.5in.  
  4. On the back side, I nailed in D-rings at 4″ from the side of the board and 1.5″ from the top of the board.
  5. I hung up the photos (square prints from Artifact Uprising) using these bulldog clips.

That’s it!  I will admit that hanging the six boards EVENLY SPACED and LEVEL was probably the most challenging part of this project.  Just remember my favorite saying that applies to everything: Done is better than perfect, friends!  My boards aren’t hung perfectly, but boy do I LOVE this photo wall!

I envision Jill swapping out the prints over the years to include photos with her besties.  I think it’s definitely a piece that will weather the years!



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