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Confession: I have a bit of a photo scanner addiction. I currently own eight scanners, all of which serve various purposes. The benefit of trying so many scanners is that I’ve learned what I like and don’t like. And I can save YOU the hassle + expense by leading you right to the BEST ones out there (in my opinion).

Types of Scanners

The type of scanner you need depends on the project you’re working on. Each type of scanner has its pros and cons:

In short, if you have a large volume of photo prints to scan, I recommend a High Speed Feeder. If you have a smaller quantity and maybe a mix of negatives/slides too, then a Flatbed Scanner would be the way to go.

My Scanner Recommendations:

All of these scanners come with software that works on Mac and PC computers:

Other (free!) Options:

If investing in scanning equipment isn’t in the budget, you can often find scanners to use for FREE! Family Search Centers are located all over the world and offer FREE use of their scanning equipment. Find one near you!

  • Family Search Centers are located all over the world and offer FREE use of their scanning equipment. Find one near you!
  • You can also ask your local library if they have scanning equipment (university libraries often have the most options).
  • Finally, you can RENT scanning equipment if you don’t want to make the full investment. Check out E-Z Photo Scan’s rental services.

Want More Info?

In my new Organizing Old Photos online course I share tutorials that will lead you start-to-finish through your photo digitizing project (including step-by-step scanning videos!).

  • Laura

    I rented a slide scanner from EZ Photo scanner  last year on your recommendation and it was a GREAT experience!ReplyCancel

  • Erin M

    Have you ever used a portable scanner? I will be travelling home to Australia in a few months and would love to scan a ton of family photos while I am there and was wondering if a portable wand type scanner would be worth the money or a total waste of time. Would it make just as much sense to use my iPhone 10S with a scanning app in your opinion?ReplyCancel

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