project life tutorial: batch add borders to your pages

Project Life is a memory-keeping system I use to create annual family yearbooks for my family.  I use the Project Life App on my iPhone to design the pages (so convenient!) and at the end of the year, I order a photo book from Blurb.  Last month, out of curiosity, I ordered seven photo books from various companies to compare quality.  In the process, I created a helpful design shortcut I want to share today!

This Project Life tutorial features a FREE Photoshop action that will add page borders to ALL of your page in seconds! Perfect for ordering your finished photo book!

When I was reviewing allllll the photo books last month, one issue I ran into again & again was insufficient page borders. I needed to add consistent borders to my pages, but each photo book company has a different process for adjusting the page borders to fit within their ‘safe zone’ (all of which were pretty time-consuming).  I knew that if I added the borders to the pages BEFORE I uploaded them to the photo book companies, things would be SO MUCH easier!

So, I created a Photoshop action to automatically add borders to my pages and when run as a ‘batch’, it added borders to my ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of pages IN SECONDS!  You can download the photoshop action FOR FREE and I filmed a tutorial to show you how to use it (scroll down for all the details).

This Project Life tutorial features a FREE Photoshop action that will add page borders to ALL of your page in seconds! Perfect for ordering your finished photo book!

how to use a photoshop action to add project life page borders

How to use the FREE Photoshop action to add page borders to your Project Life pages:

  1. Download the free action (below).
  2. Install the action.  Click the three bars in the Actions panel and select Load Actions.
  3. To run a batch action, go to File/Scripts/Image Processor.
    • Set your original and destination folders.
    • Save as JPEG quality 12.
    • Run action ‘Project Life Border Add.
    • RUN!

As you can see in the video, I added borders to 77 pages in UNDER A MINUTE!  Photoshop MAGIC, friends!


Don’t have Photoshop?

I can absolutely do this FOR YOU for only $25.  Trust me, skipping the whole frustrating design process in the photo book applications is worth that price tag!  Send me an email to get started!



New to Project Life?

Download the AMAZING Project Life app or order a physical kit!

This Project Life tutorial features a FREE Photoshop action that will add page borders to ALL of your page in seconds! Perfect for ordering your finished photo book!









  • Janita

    Would this action work in Photoshop Elements 14 or just for Photoshop?ReplyCancel

    • Roxanne

      Same question for an older version of Photoshop Elements.  ReplyCancel

      • I don’t have Photoshop Elements so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve been told you can still use this action in Elements, however it runs individually and not as a ‘batch’.ReplyCancel

    • Yes, I’ve been told it works in Elements as well. However it may only run as individual pages and not as a ‘batch’ like I show in the video tutorial.ReplyCancel

  • How this is amazing!!! So easy and so simple, I’m already a big fan of you, and now I’m really thankful for all you tips and this amazing action. Just a little question: my pages is 8×8 not 12×12 and this is going to add a big border. There’s any way to adjust that in the action? Anyway, thanks again for all your help with this amazing project.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Fernanda! I updated the action to include options for 8×8 and 10×10 pages now as well. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly

    Hi! I’ve been reading through your Project Life photo printing advice and have a question for you. I was able to import all of my pages into Lightroom from the app. I’ve changed the padding to 25. It still seems like they extend beyond the safe zone. I noticed the zoom is set to 11% on each page. Did you reduce that to a certain percentage? Thanks so much for your insight. This is becoming quite a lengthy process for me so think I must be doing something wrong!


    • Hi Kimberly! I don’t zoom my pages. Try setting zoom to 0% and see if that brings everything into the safe zone.ReplyCancel

  • Laura S.

    This is so great! I would also like to know if this is compatible with Photoshop Elements.ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly

    One more question for you … when running this action in PSE, would you run as canvas or image? I need to select between the two when running the action.ReplyCancel

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