Mac Tips + Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

My monthly ‘theme’ for May is a little different than the past few months… I’m sharing completely random Mac tips + tricks (iPhone + computer) that you may never have used that will make your life EASIER!

To kick it off, today’s post is about my favorite ‘keyboard shortcuts.’

5 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts for your Mac Computer:

Command + Delete. First of all, my very FAVORITE keyboard shortcut that I use every day: in Finder, typing Command + Delete will send an item right to the trash. No more dragging to the trash, no more right clicking and selecting ‘move to trash’. It’s a quick Command + Delete tap. Done!

Command + Tab. This brings up a little window that shows all programs currently running and you can keep hitting the Tab key to select another window. This makes jumping between two programs/windows SO quick!

Keyboard Shortcuts for your iPhone:

Create an email address shortcut. Sick and tired of typing out your email address in every form/sign in? (yes sometimes it pre-fills, but not always). You can enable a ‘text replacement’ on your phone in Settings/General/Keyboard/Text Replacement. My personal shortcut is ‘gml’ and when I type those three letters anywhere on my phone (in a text, email, web browser, note, etc), they’ll automatically transform into my full personal email address. It’s a great time-saver- typing 3 letters that magically turn into 24 letters in my case- that only takes a minute to setup! (Note: the same text replacement shortcuts work on your Mac computer if it’s signed into the same iCloud account as your iPhone).

Holding the space bar. If you need to move the cursor to a specific location in a sentence, hold the space bar and then slide your finger left and right to target the exact location you need. Very helpful!

Holding down the 0 key. This will give you a degree symbol! I just figured this out and, sure, I hardly ever use it, but whenever I do I feel like I found the best little hidden trick and that makes me happy.

Stay tuned next week for some more Mac tips + tricks! Also, are you following Miss Freddy on Instagram? I share ‘theme’ updates in Instagram stories every Wednesday!

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