what to wear for winter family photos

Bring on all the cozy and warm winter styles!  I love the texture that outwear and cold weather accessories add to an outfit… so easily!  Once again I turned to Old Navy to create a few looks that are versatile and affordable (wait for a 30-40% off online coupon code and they’re even MORE affordable!).

Best of all, they’re comfortable (no complaining kiddos!) and these outfits will work all winter long!  The styles I chose are very neutral but if you prefer brighter colors, you could easily swap out the shirts under the vests for something more vibrant.  You could also add more colorful scarves or hats for all!


What to wear for winter family photos! Adorable & affordable outfits for the entire family. Perfect for your photos with Denver photographer, Miss Freddy!

girl:  jacket  I  jeans  I  shoes
dad:  jacket  I  shirt  I  pants  I  shoes
mom:  scarf  I  vest  I  shirt  I  jeans  I  shoes
boy:  vest  I  shirt  I  pants  I  shoes
baby: fleece suit


Looking for more outfit inspiration?  The items aren’t instock anymore, but you can check out the outfits I pulled together last winter or other winter looks to get more fun ideas!


Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase an item from this post you will pay the same cost and I will receive a small commission.  I appreciate your support of my blog!


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