NEW! Organizing digital files fast class

One of my 2022 goals is to test “Fast Classes” on various topics. Sure, I have online courses that dive DEEP into specific topics but sometimes there are fun topics that don’t need a full 2+ hour course, you know? No modules, no lessons- one single video to watch. Last month’s Apple Photos Crash Course was the first one! Since this Fast Class format seems to be working well, I’ve created another one: Organizing Digital Files!

Organizing Digital Files

Organizing Digital Files Fast Class

Feeling overwhelmed because your digital files are scattered everywhere? Is your Downloads folder a hot mess? Curious about running a ‘paperless’ household? This Fast Class will show you my system for organizing and backing up my personal Files + Notes.

Note: This class does not discuss photo or video organization- those are covered in the Backup Bootcamp course.

Your purchase includes: 
– 35 minute video 
– PDF download of the presentation for quick reference 
– *Bonus* Taming Your Email Inbox Guide

This Fast Class applies to iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac users!

Are your photos a mess? 

Do you want to create photo books for your family, but things feel like too much of a mess to know where to begin? Do you carry a constant worry that you could lose ALL your photos? (sure, you're paying for iCloud, but do you understand how it works?) 

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