Wow… it’s been quite a year.  So much content creation: I created + launched FOUR new online courses, shared free content every week for my ‘monthly themes’, contributed to some APPO classes, and got to be on my first podcast (I hope to do more in 2020… it was so fun)!⁠

Can we talk financials for a second though? (Is that totally taboo?) This year I did something I’m really proud of- I matched the full-time salary that I left from my corporate job. For the record, I left that job in 2013 so yeah, it’s taken MANY YEARS to get here and I’m feeling proud that I continued to show up even when I was netting zero dollars (during multiple years in there).

Here’s a peek at some ‘fun facts’ from 2019:


The demand for my Photo Organizing services really picked up this year- especially my Digital Organizing Sessions and I increased the price of those sessions to better compensate for the immense time involved. As a rough estimate I organized 3.6 MILLION photos remotely this year and all of them are now safely backed up in the cloud! In that process I cleaned up almost 230 TB (yes, TERAbytes) of duplicates– using a $50 1TB external hard drive for comparison that saves $11,350 in hard drive space!

On the Physical Photo Organizing side of things, I converted a lot of old videos (this is one of my favorite things I do)- VHS tapes, miniDV + 8mm tapes from camcorders and even a couple audio cassette tapes (and micro cassettes). Think of all the fun memories uncovered in that 938 hours of footage! The number of scanning projects stayed consistent over last year- shifting more into scanning oversized items like 12×12 scrapbook pages versus regular printed photos.


It’s easy to only share the highlights so in the spirit of transparency, I worked A LOT this year. Nights, weekends, during all vacations. Perhaps it was necessary in order to meet that financial goal I set, but I need to do some things differently in 2020.

My #1 goal for the new year? Take the entire summer off to be with my kids, while hopefully keeping my annual income the same. Seems like a big, challenging goal but I’m ready.

I’d also like to release two new online courses, redesign my website (now that I’m not offering photography services, I need to streamline + update things a bit), show up more on Facebook Live, and build out a newsletter welcome sequence so new subscribers can have a better ‘introduction’ to me + my brand.

I’m so very thankful for every client I worked with in 2019. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

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