a valentines art project

One of my goals for this year was to do more art projects and crafts with Colin.  When he was in daycare he regularly came home with cute little finger painted projects that we hung on the fridge.  Actually, they are still on the fridge… a move across the country & 7 months later.  Probably time for an update.

But the catch is… I’m artistically challenged.  And I don’t have many craft supplies.  So my criteria for this project looked like this:  something a 14 month old can do that uses only finger paints & construction paper (things I had on hand) and requires no artistic ability from mom.

Turns out that basically rules out all of Pinterest.  Here’s what I came up with for our Valentines-inspired art project:


  1. I used painter’s tape to adhere a piece of construction paper to Colin’s high chair tray. I quickly learned that painter’s tape is critical to the success of this project.  Without it, there is no finger painting, only paper crumpling.
  2. I let Colin cover his hands in red finger paint [we prefer this kind, because earlier encounters with these fancy all-natural edible ones didn’t turn out well for us].
  3. While he was ‘painting’, I got resourceful and cut a makeup wedge into something that resembled a heart.  You could obviously buy real art sponges, but MacGyver would probably be disappointed in you.
  4. I helped Colin ‘stamp’ the heart into paint and onto the construction paper.
  5. After it was dry, I added a Valentines note for Grandma & attached a photo of Colin.


Colin made one for each of the Grandmas and we slid the valentines into these 8×11 magnetic frames– perfect for hanging on the fridge!  Colin promised the Grandmas he’ll send updated artwork for their magnetic frames once a month.  [assuming he has more artistic ability than his mother.]

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