two and a half


You’re two and a half, baby girl.  Except, you insist that you’re three.  “No, I not two, Mommy… I FREE!”  You certainly act the part of an older kid too.  There are times when I can’t believe you’re only two because you’ve already perfected the rebellious attitude of a teenager.  Yesterday, during “quiet time” (you stopped napping long ago), you wouldn’t stay in your room, no matter what consequence I threatened.  After I took away your favorite ‘monster jammies’, you stripped off your diaper and went to the bathroom all over your bedroom (obviously, just to make me mad) and then, while I was cleaning the mess, you snuck into my bathroom and painted yourself with my mascara.  YOU’RE A FEISTY ONE.

But, thankfully, you balance your spicy with sweet.  You’re currently going through a ‘baby’ phase where you want to wear pajamas ALL DAY LONG and drink from a sippy cup that you call a bottle.  You love to snuggle on my lap while you hold your stuffed animals and ‘sis’ (your blanket which is actually a burp cloth).  At some point in the wee hours of the night, you show up in Mom & Dad’s bedroom with your battalion of stuffed animals and crawl in between us.

When you’re not snuggling like a baby, you love to MOVE.  Dancing, running, jumping, bike riding, tackling your brother.  I’m excited for you to turn three and start dance classes so we have a place to channel all that energy.

When you’re sweet, you’re extra sweet.  When you’re spicy, you’re extra spicy.  But I love you in both extremes, Boo, and I adore being your mom.




Since I did this for your brother, I thought it would be fun to compare and document your ‘favorite things’ right now:

Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese (‘noodles’)

Favorite Book:  Peppa Pig Books

Favorite Song: “Trot Back Trot Back” from our Music Together CD

Favorite Word: “That’s MY toy!” (sharing isn’t your favorite)

Favorite Toy: Shopping cart + play food

Favorite Thing to Do:  Color or play in the kitchen

Favorite TV Show:  Peppa Pig

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