day in the life [April]

I did my first ‘day in the life’ project more than FOUR YEARS ago when Colin was only 14 months old.  In the beginning, I did them quarterly.  Until last year when I set a personal goal to do them monthly (which I did… until I forgot in December because of holiday craziness).  Monthly felt like kind of a lot and burned me out a little, so for 2018 I’d like to scale back to only four ‘day in the life’ projects again.  I haven’t decided if I’ll share all of them on the blog (it’s been over a year since I shared one here… oops!) so for now… here’s a recent day in the life!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 [Colin is 5, Jill is 3.5]

Every day begins with Jill (and Colby Jack) in our bed.  Jill climbs into our bed every night, at some point between midnight and 4am, and falls asleep.  We have tried various tricks and incentives to keep her in her own bedroom, but she simply doesn’t care.  And if I’m being honest… I don’t really mind the snuggles.

At 7:00 on the dot Colin came into our room (those same incentives to stay in your own bedroom worked beautifully on him… hah).  He’s very punctual.  We don’t need an alarm clock.

Next we got ready for school.  Jill has lots of opinions on outfits and lately alternates between a ‘shamrock dress’ (yes, I know it’s April… you try to explain it to her) and a ‘merry and bright’ shirt paired with a hot orange tutu skirt (again, the idea of moving on after a holiday is lost on her).  But TODAY was especially exciting because I told her she could pick out a short sleeved t-shirt in celebration of the 70+ degree forecast.  She immediately found her new Shopkins t-shirt.  (I tried to politely encourage a different shirt on account of these ‘day in the life’ photos and the really fluorescent nature of the shirt… which isn’t ideal for photos… but, ultimately I didn’t pick this specific battle to fight today.)

Colby loves laying on Jill’s bed where he can watch the getting-dressed-drama.

Downstairs for breakfast and Colin headed straight to Alexa to ask the weather forecast… per usual.  He’s obsessed.  He asks her for each specific hour’s forecast (“Alexa, what’s the forecast in Golden for 11am? etc… etc…).

Time for breakfast.  We tried a new kind of jam on the toast which Colin rejected (see his piece in the reject pile?  hah!).

Colby kept an eye on breakfast while the kids got distracted by Alexa.

It looks cute, but Colin was actually sinking down so he could kick Jill under the table….

While I got dressed and ready, Colin started reading our family yearbooks.  I love how much he loves them!

Meanwhile Jill colored her elephant Care Bear.

Next we hopped into the car to go to our MOPS Leadership meeting.  I shot these next two photos underneath the driver seat headrest.  I love how they turned out!

On the way home from MOPS, we stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch.

The Play Place is the best part, of course.  (Though I’d argue it’s the Oreo milkshakes… which I skipped because I am doing another round of the Friends.Food.Fitness challenge and I’m on my best behavior).

I imagine Colby’s morning looked mostly like this…

Back home and into ‘quiet time.’  Colin has become a really, really talented reader.  He loves to read anything he can get his hands on and I love to listen to him read!

In Jill’s room, she wanted to pose for the camera.  Fine by me.

After quiet time (it’s a quick 30 minutes these days), the kids tried to help themselves to a snack, but… didn’t we JUST finish the Chick-Fil-A?

So, to distract them from the pantry + fridge, we went down to the basement and played on the bouncy house.  I have to admit I never thought I’d have a bouncy house in my basement but it’s kind of awesome (thank you to our neighbors for this amazing garage sale score)!

Next, Jill wanted to add more beads to her necklace.

And Colin colored in his new Chick-Fil-A drawing book.

Laundry time!  I recently started doing a daily load of laundry and it’s a lot less overwhelming. Jill loves to help move the clothes and take them out of the dryer for me (hopefully soon I can teach her to fold + put them away too… that’s the dream, right?)!

Next we headed to the gym so I could teach my PiYo class.  The kids run to the window to wave goodbye every time I drop them off.  They LOVE the gym.

The weather hit 80 degrees!  Which is kind of crazy because it snowed two days ago, but such is spring in Colorado.  We celebrated by eating dinner on the deck.

Dad came home just in time!  I had a Digital Photo Organizing client call so he finished bedtime with the kids.

Sleep tight, my sweet babies!

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All photos were taken with my Canon 5DMarkIV & 35mm f/1.4 lens [see more of my camera gear recommendations]!




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