day in the life: may

It’s been awhile since my last day in the life post so I thought it would be fun to share another day, now that Colin is 18 months old.  Even though months have passed, our routine looks surprisingly similar.

May 28, 2014 [Colin is 18 months]

Colin typically wakes up around 7am and stays in his crib, talking contently, for a bit.  When I greet him, he usually has two ‘lovies’ in his hands and reaches out to share them with me.


Next is breakfast.  As soon as he’s in his seat, Colin starts fussing & pointing at the bananas.  He shoves a banana into his mouth at warp speed while I make the rest of the meal.  Breakfast seems like his favorite meal of the day and Colby is always right by the side of the high chair, anxiously awaiting his portion.


After he’s dressed, Colin has a little quiet time in his crib [so momma can get ready].  He’s pretty good at independent play and likes to read books on his own.  His favorite activity right now is this foam fish book- he eagerly takes all the fish out and throws them over the side of his crib.


Once a week we attend class at The Little Gym.  Colin LOVES exploring their equipment!  It’s such a fun class.


Next it’s time for lunch & a nap.  We recently dropped Colin’s bottle before naptime (he takes milk out of a sippy cup with lunch now) so when it’s time for bed, he takes his pacifier & lovey, and snuggles with me in the rocking chair for a few minutes.  He falls asleep quickly, but this pre-nap snuggle time is easily my favorite time of the day.

This particular afternoon was forecasted to rain so we stayed inside.  The pictures above capture
1) how Colin walks with his hands up in the air
2) how quickly he can jump from happy to sad (for basically no reason)
3) the perpetual mess that is our living room during his waking hours
and 4) how he’s so dang cute (photobomb from Colby)


When it’s time to make dinner, Colin likes to play in the kitchen.  This week he discovered the ‘stash’ of squeeze pouches in the pantry and entertains himself by pulling out as many pouches as he can carry… and then some.


Shortly after Daddy comes home, it’s time to start the bedtime routine.  Daddy reads a couple bedtime books while Momma preps the bath.  Watching that little baby butt wiggle over to the bath tub always makes me smile.


After a bedtime bottle, he winds down in his crib for the night.
[That bottle is next on our list to drop, but I’m just not quite ready.]
Goodnight, sweet boy!

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