fit4mom body back: one year later!

One year ago I stopped making excuses and made my health a priority.  A whole year already.  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post about my health & fitness journey.  [Mostly because when we moved to Colorado, I had to leave the wonderful Fit4Mom West Seattle community behind and I no longer had the cute little ‘results’ cards to share from Body Back.]  To recap though, before we left Seattle I completed three rounds of Body Back and lost 18 pounds and 10 inches.  That was six months ago.

When we moved, my fitness journey changed.  I didn’t want to lose my momentum so the week we arrived in Colorado, in between unpacking boxes, we joined a gym.  I started experimenting with some of the group classes, tried a couple new solo workouts, and even did a few Body Back fitness challenges I’d saved.  It took about a month, but eventually I found my groove here: group Bootcamp classes, a PiYo class, and some basic treadmill runs.  My routine is missing the wonderful energy of the Body Back group, for sure, but it’s my new normal.

 My results ONE YEAR after beginning my journey with Fit4Mom Body Back!

Even though my fitness stayed on track, my weight loss immediately plateaued.  When I lost the group accountability of Body Back, I stopped meal planning and monitoring my calorie intake.  Honestly, I was really overwhelmed by the move so I gave myself some grace on this one…. I had more weight to lose in order to reach my goal, but I was glad to be maintaining my Body Back results.

I maintained that weight all the way through January 1st.

getting over the plateau

With the start of the new year I wanted to get back on track with nutrition and push for more weight loss results.  I jumped into an online health challenge because I knew the group accountability was what I was missing the most.  Also, I’m a teeeeeny bit competitive so putting a $$ reward on the line gave me an effective kick in the butt.

Since the start of the challenge, I’ve lost 8 more pounds and met my original goal to lose 25 pounds.  I’ve also shred another 5 inches (for a total of 15 inches + 26 pounds in a year)!  Last week I realized that John has actually never known me at my current weight because I weigh less than I did when we got married!  Though, it all looks a bit different than I remember… probably the whole having-two-kids thing.  Hah.

 My results ONE YEAR after beginning my journey with Fit4Mom Body Back!

What’s next?  I’m going to do another round of the health challenge (starts in April I believe).  I have 9 more pounds to lose until I meet my ‘stretch goal’- what I weighed when I started college.  A goal I originally thought was absolutely unattainable, but now I think is realistically in sight.  That’s crazy.  I’m so thankful to Emily and the amazing team she’s created at Fit4Mom West Seattle for instigating this life-changing journey.

If you live in Seattle (lucky you!!!), the next round of Fit4Mom Body Back starts the first week in March.  The spring session is where everything began for me one year ago.  Even though I’m not in Seattle anymore to cheer you on, Emily was kind enough to give my readers $50 OFF their session with the code GIFTCERT50! Stop making excuses and go for it!

Want to learn more? Read about my entire journey!

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