fit4mom body back round 2: the results!

For the last 8 weeks I’ve been spending my Tuesday & Thursday evenings with these ladies, watching the sun set over the water while simultaneously working my butt off (literally).  After my first round of Body Back, I got hooked and signed up for round two.  The summer sessions are OUTSIDE and seriously, it’s the best thing ever.  The energy from these ladies + the absolute beauty of the water around us + a fun, challenging workout = SO good for the soul.  Needless to say, I didn’t miss a single workout this round.

The results from my second round of Fit4Mom Body Back!

For round two I focused more on my diet and nutrition.  During the first session, I did pretty well with tracking my food in the MyFitnessPal app and consulted weekly with the nutritionist.  I knew what I *should* be doing, but hadn’t fully committed.  The main culprit?  My fierce, FIERCE addiction to sugar.  I’d work hard to add more veggies to dinner and then (almost every single night) follow it up with ice cream.

This time I decided to get serious about sugar.  The first few weeks, honestly, were a bitch.  My body was physically craving sugar ALL DAY LONG.  It was all I could think about and it was making me super cranky.  In week 3 I reached out to the nutritionist again because, while proud of my will power, I was concerned that the cravings hadn’t disappeared yet.  She suggested some ways to add more protein into my day (breakfast being the most important!) and it really helped.  Around this time my cravings finally (finally!) started subsiding.

Another thing that really transformed my diet was signing up for Acme Farms + Kitchen’s weekly delivery.  It’s basically a CSA that’s setup more like Blue Apron so you get the recipes + ingredients to make 3-4 meals every week.  All the ingredients are sourced locally and the meals are really healthy.  Helped me add more veggies & non-meat proteins into my diet for sure.

All the work on my diet kept the scale moving in the right direction.  I lost MORE weight this round than last AND achieved my goal to get back to my pre-baby weight!


my fit4mom body back (round 2!) final results

The results from my second round of Fit4Mom Body Back!

I will admit I was surprised by how much change I saw in round 2.  I lost MORE weight this round than last round and JUST AS MANY INCHES!  As Emily was measuring my waist she said ‘Casey!  You’re literally melting away!‘  which is especially fun to hear considering how long I could NOT get the scale to budge after having Jill.  I’m so thankful I gave this program a chance.

The next round of Fit4Mom Body Back starts July 11 and I’d love for you to join (it’s expected to sell out quickly so don’t wait)!  I’m signed up for another round too.  More fun! More sweat!  More sunsets!  I’m addicted!


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