10 random acts of kindness you can do for FREE!

Random acts of kindness are such a great way to bless others, while teaching your family the importance of serving & compassion.  They help brighten someone else’s day and improve your own mood too.  And, best of all?  They don’t have to cost you a thing.  Here is a list of my favorite random acts of kindness that you can do FOR FREE!


ten free random acts of kindness ideas

1) Compliment someone to their boss.  Did the cashier do an amazing job?  Receive great service from your waitress?  Sharing this with their supervisor is a great way to make their day.

2)  Send a letter to a friend for no reason.  Happy mail is the best mail.

3) Rake your neighbor’s leaves too.  A neighbor unexpectedly raked our leaves when we came home from the hospital with Jill last fall and it was an incredible blessing.

4) Leave a post-it note with a happy message on a coworker’s computer screen. Bonus points for including a yummy treat!

5) Play board games at a nursing home.  And have your child create artwork to decorate a room during your visit!

6)  Bake cookies with your children and deliver them to a fire station.  You’ll probably get a free tour so it’s a gift for your kiddos too!

7)  Write your partner a list of things you love about them.  Hide it in their laptop/backpack/car during a particularly stressful week.

8)  Offer to babysit for your friend’s children so they can take a break.  Because is there any greater treat than running errands ALONE?

9)  Call your grandma/mom/sister just to say hello.  A sweet gesture to say you’re thinking of them… and it’ll only take a few minutes.

10)  Write to an old teacher who made a difference in your life.  Or a priest/minister, coach, counselor… you get the idea.


Looking for more ideas?  Check out this list of ten random acts of kindness that’ll help you get your kids involved.

Any other FREE random acts of kindness ideas to share?!

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