jill is 18 months!


You are eighteen months old now, baby girl!  At times it feels like I just wrote your first birthday letter.  Except that was already half a year ago.  Then I think about all that you’ve accomplished in those six months… how much you’ve changed since your first birthday.  And I realize, wow, you’ve turned from my ‘baby girl’ into a little girl (though I’ll likely call you ‘baby girl’ for a long, looooong time).  


Your desire for independence seems to grow each day.  If you had the words, I imagine I’d hear ‘do it MYSELF’ on repeat, around the clock.  Instead I hear your determined grunt as you shove my helpful hands away.  You want to walk up the stairs by yourself (not safe, baby girl).  You want to put your shoes on yourself (almost, baby girl).  You want to sit in the big chair at the dinner table by yourself (soon, baby girl).


Your feisty spirit remains unchanged.  If I give your brother a treat, you YELL for one too.  If I include a spoon on his plate, but not on yours, you DEMAND the same.  You’re eager to keep up with him and your persistance is truly admirable.  It’s nearly impossible to distract you if you’ve set your sights on a goal.  You have so much spirit for such a little being and I love that.  (Although the lady sitting in front of us during the 4+ hours you screamed on the red eye flight may not feel the same way about your persistance).  The best part is that if you ‘win’ and break me down to the point that I just give you what you want, you smile sweetly and say ‘thank you’ before walking away.

It brings me so much joy to watch you interact with the world and tell everyone ALL that’s on your mind (I don’t think you can tell it’s total jibberish).  It cracks me up when you take the phone while Facetiming and have in depth ‘conversations’ as you walk around the house.


Lately, you’ve been melting my heart with your snuggles.  Only on your terms, of course, but you’ll nuzzle your head against my neck as I sing ‘Goodnight, Jilly, Goodnight’ (a song from Daniel Tiger) next to your crib.  You have a sweet side to compliment all that spice.

I love discovering all the complexities of your personality, Jill, and adore the spark you bring to our family.

Love, Momma


[Just for fun:  look how much changes in one year!]

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