six months!


You are six months old now, baby girl!  One half of a year.  Wow.  There is something a little unbelievable about that.

This month was our toughest month.  Somewhere around four months, you forgot how to sleep.  While we stumbled through sleepless nights and catnaps, my happy baby slowly faded and you became crankier & crankier.  As the weeks passed, I gradually turned into a complete wreck.  I tolerated everything until I no longer could.  And earlier this month, with the help of your pediatrician and some tips from this book, we started learning how to sleep again.  “Sleep training” wasn’t something we ever had to do with your big brother and oh, it was so very, very hard for me.  But, unbelievably, you figured it out.  Something finally clicked.  AND YOU FINALLY SLEEP.

jillian6months2Now that you’re sleeping through the night  [well, there is still one early morning feeding which the doc says should stay for now], you’re sharing a room with your brother… for real.  You fall asleep in your crib & stay in there all night long!  It’s only been two weeks, but each & every time I check on you guys at night and find you BOTH asleep, I seriously do a victory dance out of your bedroom.

jill6months1This month was full of fun milestones too:  you can sit up now (!!!), you started eating solid foods (!!!) and you LOVE playing in the jumperoo.  You seem more physical than your brother was at this age… maybe you’re already trying to keep up with him.  For instance, as soon as I lay you on the changing table, you grab onto the window blinds next to it and SLAM them up and down… again and again.  Your brother (still… at age 2) hasn’t even given the blinds a second thought.

My favorite development of the month, though, is the way you laugh hysterically at Colby Jack whenever he barks (I want to get this on video because it’s awesome).

You still have a smile that lights up your face (no teeth in sight).  And you save THE BIGGEST smiles for your Daddy.  You are very, very much a Daddy’s girl.


Jilly Boo, we are so delighted that our happy girl has returned.  Happy half birthday, baby girl!

Love, Momma


This year, I’m joining a few photographers in a blog circle where we share monthly letters to our children.  If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out Cicely’s letter to her children!

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