life right now [august]

2015-08-22 14.09.55-1


hiking new trails.  This weekend we did Heather Lake (pictured above) and LOVED it.  Next up: Wallace Falls.

weaning my baby girl… gradually.  Our kids-less trip to Hawaii is a month away!

laughing at the way Colin talks about his toy ‘Percy’ (he’s obsessed with Thomas the Train).  He doesn’t pronounce the ‘r’ and it’s led to some awkward discussions: ‘Mommy find a Percy’, ‘Mommy wash a Percy’, ‘Oh no!  Percy broken!’

reading Big Little Lies.  I just finished up Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan… hilarious, if you have young children.

watching the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead tonight (on DVR).  I know the reviews haven’t been great, but I’m still going to watch.

drinking lots of water thanks to my Plant Nanny app (why is this thing SO motivating?!)

logging lots of steps on my Jawbone UP as I do the Couch to 5K training program.  I’m not actually running a race, just still enjoying ‘me time’ on the treadmill while my kids play at the gym Kids Klub.

working on Jill’s baby book.  I’m using the new Baby Girl project life edition and the designs are PERFECTION.

preparing (emotionally) for Colin to start preschool.

looking forward to my Back to School photo sessions this weekend!

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