life right now [december]


recovering from Christmas. My kids woke up at 3:30am excited for Santa (yes, 3:30) and then we hosted Christmas at our house… can we see the exhaustion in my eyes in the photo above?

obsessing over the electric scooters that Santa brought. The kids LOVE them! I only wish they could hold adults!

loving the limited edition Snow Drop scent from Mrs Meyers (available at Target).

playing with a new hair straightening brush… so far I love this thing!

watching Disney+. We got a year free with our Verizon phone plan and it’s been fun to finally introduce my kids ‘formally’ to the Disney princesses.

reading The Alice Network (still… haven’t had much time to read this month).

listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat. Jill is crazy about this movie + music right now and I gotta say… it’s a great soundtrack!

digitizing my husband’s childhood VHS tapes. His mom sent them to us earlier this year when she was cleaning out her house. Excited to see what I uncover!

feeling really excited that my Family Yearbooks course is finished and OUT IN THE WORLD! Hooray!

planning for 2020! You can see some of my goals in the Year in Review post I shared this month.

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