life right now [january]




loving the stage Jill is in right now… she’s hilarious!  every morning, the first thing she does is walk over to my closet and demand a necklace.  I’m not exactly sure how she got to be such a ‘girly-girl’ (I never wear jewelry).

feeling proud of Colin for nailing potty training!

trying to maintain my sanity as Colin goes through a SUPER clingy phase.  No joke, if I attempt to ‘separate’ from him to take a shower, he stands outside the curtain screaming/crying.  It’s exhausting. Please, Lord, let this phase pass soon.

reading Three Wishes Yet another book by Lianne Moriarty.

watching Making a Murderer on Netflix… like the rest of the world.

getting a little more crafty (one of my goals for the year) with my ‘To DIY For Box’ subscription.

buying all kinds of cookie decorating equipment for my next crafty experiment (royal icing, here we go!)

working hard to re-design my newsletter.  If you’re in Seattle, sign up to get this month’s edition... coming next week!

writing a fun blog series allllll about project life.  I even invested in some new video equipment to create videos & screen captures of my process.  It’ll hit the blog next week- subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it!

looking forward to a girls trip later this month in Charleston.  It’ll be my first time there… anything we must see/do?

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