life right now [january]


recovering from PRK (laser eye) surgery.  PRK is similar to Lasik- it doesn’t have some of the negative side effects, but recovery is MUCH longer.  Instead of immediate results, vision gradually improves over 30+ days of the surgery.  It’s been a week and I can now read screens clearly and drive, but things aren’t quite as crisp as they were with glasses yet.

doing eyedrops every five minutes and that’s not an exaggeration.  I was required to do them every 5 minutes of all waking-hours in the last week.  (After today it goes to 6x a day instead… thank GOODNESS)!

finishing up the last of the content for my NEW COURSE all about Organizing Old Photos!  I’m sharing tutorials for how to bring your old photos (negatives, slides. and videos too!) to life again digitally.  I can’t wait to launch it on February 1st!

sharing monthly ‘themes’ on Instagram all year long based on topics that were requested by my followers.  January is all about simple ways to Get Photos OFF Your Phone (you can catch the tips I’ve shared here, here, and here).  Make sure you’re following Miss Freddy on Instagram for additional content!

listening to lots of podcasts while I rest my eyes and recover from PRK.  I just finished binging Cold (very disturbing, but gripping).

watching the new season of Schitt’s Creek because it is THE BEST SHOW EVER.

comparing samples of a new concept I tested for my 2019 Family Yearbook.  I shared some sneak peeks on Instagram.

hoping this new Family Yearbook concept will help me bring DOWN the price of my Family Yearbook service too!

celebrating my 100 day streak of taking vitamins (that’s unheard of for me!).  I LOVE how the Care/Of system + app makes it fun and rewards me for consistency.

loving what’s on tap for 2019 already!

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