life right now [January]


watching the front door for the UPS person to arrive with my 2021 Family Yearbook (hooray)!

obsessing over these pre-cut parchment circles. Seriously, have these been around my entire life and I’ve been over here cutting out circles by hand?

loving our new ottoman because it has a built in desktop (took almost a year to arrive though… sheesh)!

enjoying the Streaks app for staying on track with some new habits (like making the bed every day, evening skincare, etc).

wearing this new sweater (found it from an amazon ad… again).

reading A Thousand Ships.

listening to the podcast done by the writers of And Just Like That… (the sex and the city reboot). I’ve loved getting their perspective on the show!

watching Only Murders In The Building (on Hulu).

creating a few Guides within my Instagram account to make it easier to find my most helpful content.

retiring FOUR of my current online courses at the end of this month! (Students of the courses will continue to have access to the content after they are retired, but they will not be available for new students to purchase).

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