life right now [march]




getting back into our regular routine after visiting John’s family in Florida.

trying to eat healthier as part of my Body Back journey.

feeling sore from great workouts (hurts so good)!

reading After You because I loved Me Before You.

binge-ing Fuller House on Netflix.

laughing every time Colin says ‘Careful.  Don’t spill the pee on there, Mom!‘ when I walk into the bathroom.

making lots of fun crafts with the kids.  I recently bought these paints and I’m not sure how we went so long without them.  [you can see some of the creations on Instagram]

loving these sandals on Jill’s little feet!

filling my Miss Freddy calendar!  I really enjoyed my ‘off season’ but am excited for some busy weeks ahead.

working on a really fun blog series (coming next week!) all about how to preserve your memories/photos.  [Subscribe to my blog to receive a summary in your inbox next Friday.]

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