life right now [march]


taking it one day at a time. I just read last month’s ‘life right now’ post and cannot believe how much the world has changed. I was talking about buying concert tickets, skiing and blow drying my hair, with no mention of COVID-19. Here we are a month later, almost 3 weeks into quarantine.

feeling lots of anxiety. We are very lucky that our jobs haven’t been affected by the pandemic (other than John working from home full time now), but juggling work + kids + their schoolwork has been a lot to manage.

eating all the things as a coping strategy. ALL the things. This has been my favorite… you should make it right now.

watching Tiger King (because the internet said I had to).

reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Barely. Haven’t had any time to read lately.

listening to Kidz Bop Radio on our Alexa. But also popping in my AirPods to listen to The Daily’s podcast everyday.

discounting ALL of my online classes through April 4th. I only put them on sale twice a year so don’t miss it. All courses are self-paced and access doesn’t expire so you can purchase them now, at a discount, and take them whenever you’re ready!

testing ten different photo scanning apps to compare the results. I’ve been surprised to find they’re very different! My recommendations will be coming to the blog soon.

ordering SEVEN different softcover photo books to see how they compare. If you’ve taken my Family Yearbooks course, you know I recommended Printique’s softcover, but they cap at 40 pages so I need to find a good replacement I can recommend to my students.

working on my new Mac Basics course (hopefully coming in May). The progress is slow (currently all the work has to wait until after the kids are in bed) but I’m really excited about how it’s coming together!

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