life right now [may]


loving that after NINE MONTHS in this new house we finally HAVE A BACKYARD!  The dirt pit has been replaced by sod, raspberry + blackberry bushes, automatic sprinklers, patio furniture, and a (not yet functioning) hot tub!

watching our pup, Colby Jack, roll in the new grass ALL DAY LONG.  He hasn’t had his own backyward since we left Minnesota 5 years ago and he is in absolute heaven.

cramming for my Group Fitness instructor exam which is next week.  I know I’ve been talking about this forever… hopefully it’ll be over soon.

prepping outfits for our family photos in a few weeks (spoiler alert: I bought these exact outfits for the kids).

listening to Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I Like’  (on repeat).

watching 13 Reasons Why.

reading Hopeless.

editing my Mommy + Me mini sessions from last weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a prettier day and the pictures turned out SO great!

designing photo books  for a few friends who have admired my own family’s yearbooks and are grateful I’m offering to DO IT FOR THEM with my new Photo Organizing services!

booking flights for this year’s travel sessions!  I’ll be in Seattle July + November and Minneapolis/Milwaukee in October!  Make sure you’re on my newsletter so you can sign up right when they go on sale June 1st!


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