life right now [october]



coming back to reality after an amazing girls weekend in Sonoma (and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time)!

wishing for cool, fall weather.  Is that like not a thing in Denver or is it just an odd year?  Hello, it’s almost November and it’s still in the 70s.

admiring Colin’s FINISHED outdoors-themed big boy bedroom.  Finally a room in the new house feels DONE.

shopping for a new dining room table.  In time for Thanksgiving if we’re lucky.

eating all the Monster Cookie ice cream.  SO glad Super Target is back in my life (and if you haven’t had this ice cream before… you’re welcome).

watching The Walking Dead.  I’m glad the wait is over, but man, I’m not ready to talk about that premiere.

setting up a new computer.  It’s been a tough 2 months, technologically speaking, since the move.  First an external hard drive died and it took FOREVER to recover the files.  Then my iMac crawled to a slow and painful halt… here’s hoping this new iMac can handle my baggage!

loving Amazon Cloud Drive.  I’ve been an advocate of Crashplan in the past, but it really let me down in this computer fiasco.  I did manage to salvage all my files, but feel happy knowing they’re backed in MULTIPLE, easier to access locations now.

working on my November blog series.  The theme is ‘DIY Photo Gifts’ so I’m currently getting crafty to come up with simple & fun ideas.

looking forward to my Seattle mini sessions in less than two weeks!  Seattle, here I come!  (pretty please spare me the rain)

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