life right now [october]

 liferightnow[photo by Neyssa Lee]


thanking God for the most amazing baby girl.

packing away newborn-sized clothing that my big girl is already too large for [ok, she came out too big for NB clothes] & most of my maternity clothes  [don’t worry I still have 20 pounds of baby weight to lose].

reading The Invention of Wings.  I haven’t had time to pick up a book since bringing home the new baby, but I was on the waiting list for this one at the library for months & it’s finally my turn.

listening to the incessant hum of a fan, drying out our bathroom.  We were supposed to have the bathroom remodeled this week due to some water damage behind the shower & it turned out to be more severe than expected, which means a week of drying before they can resume the project.  [SO thankful we are renters!]

watching The Blacklist.  John & I just finished season one on Netflix and are catching up on the current season.

loving sleep.  In any place or duration.

drinking yummy hard cider from our farmer’s market.  I had to patiently walk by the stand for nine months and I can finally enjoy this local version of my favorite beverage!

eating Paula Deen’s pumpkin bars.  Because it’s fall.  Duh.

feeling pretty great.  The physical recovery after baby #2 has been SO MUCH faster/easier, which is surprising since she was quite a bit bigger than her brother.

looking forward to my Dad’s upcoming visit!


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  • […] bedtime routine looks a little crazy right now.  I mentioned before that our bathroom is being remodeled and it’s taking MUCH longer than expected [isn't that always the case with house projects?]. […]ReplyCancel

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