life right now [august]


loving this path we discovered right near our house (only took us 3 years)! The kids have been riding their bikes while I get in a run/workout and we all get a little Vitamin D.

adjusting back into our school routine. Can’t believe summer is already over and that I HAVE A FIRST GRADER.

reading The Obesity Code and learning SO MANY THINGS.

focusing on my diet again after things got a little crazy this summer. I’ve been off sugar for 3 weeks and feeling much more in control.

watching Big Brother. Our summer guilty pleasure.

listening to all the Lizzo.  Feeling like the last one to this party, but glad I made it.

wearing these new shorts which is a big deal because I HATE wearing shorts. But these are cute, comfy and a good price.

packing for New Orleans (my first time!)… a trip for my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.

working on content for my September monthly theme. It’ll be all about documenting kids/childhood things. Stay tuned!

looking forward to my Colorado mini sessions in a few weeks (only TWO spots left!)

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