life right now [march]


remembering a wonderful trip to Arizona with my family at the beginning of the month.  [photo above taken after we drove the Apache Trail]

watching an embarrassing amount of news coverage of the missing malaysia airlines flight.  I’m absolutely baffled that 25 days have passed without turning up one single piece of wreckage.

listening to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Not a Bad Thing’ on repeat.  I was only so/so on his 20/20 experience but am LOVING this song.

reading Lone Survivor and amazed by the training & dedication of Navy SEALs.

seeing Colin’s confidence grow as he experiments with standing on his own [for only a couple seconds because I start shrieking with excitement and that makes him sit down].

waiting anxiously for the series finale of How I Met Your Mother TONIGHT!

planning to go pickup our NEW (used) CAR tonight!  I am sad to say goodbye to John’s CRV because he picked me up for our first date in that car [oh, memories…]

feeling tired because Colin is a sick little boy today, demanding lots of snuggle time.

thanking my friend Hannah for sending an ADORABLE ‘Quiet Book’ to Colin.  She made it using scraps from my old college t-shirts [leftovers from a beautiful quilt she made me a few years ago and I had NO idea she was planning this with the scraps!]

enjoying a beautiful spring in Seattle… have I mentioned how much I love the mild temperatures here?

I had fun compiling this post- thanks to Elise for the inspiration!

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