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Pregnancy can be an exciting time, for sure.  It’s amazing how dramatically your body changes and the weird things that happen [pregnancy dreams!  WHAT??]  With my first pregnancy I worried about the ‘right way‘ to document the nine months.  I saw cute things on pinterest like daily journal entries or weekly letters to the baby or creative bump photos.  Except then got I so bogged down with morning sickness that I didn’t want to document a single thing.  After two pregnancies, I learned one thing:  there is no ‘right way’ to document your pregnancy.  But, if you’re looking for super simple & easy ways to keep track of the nine months, here are a few ideas!

Take regular ‘bump photos’

Love these super SIMPLE ways to document your pregnancy!  Plus download a FREE pregnancy journal!For our first pregnancy I had my husband snap a photo every two weeks.  Sure, weekly is a great idea in theory, but for us it was too much to remember.  Every other week seemed more manageable and made the belly growth a little more noticeable too.  I used the same frequency for my second pregnancy, except I used my nifty little camera remote to take the photos myself [in the photos above, the remote is hidden in the hand touching my belly].


Fill out this simple pregnancy journal

Document your pregnancy with this super SIMPLE pregnancy journal.  Just once a trimester... I can do that!  (and it's FREE!)

I’m not good at sticking with journals.  In my childhood closet you’ll probably find 20 various notebooks that have the first 5 pages filled with journaling and then…. nothing.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with something daily or weekly, so instead I designed a SUPER simple printable for documenting my pregnancy symptoms/thoughts once per trimester [see above].  If you like it, download your own pregnancy journal printable (it’s FREE)!


Get professional maternity photos

It’s easy to say you’ll just DIY.  But what is the one thing first time moms said they’d do differently for their next pregnancy?  Hire a professional.  Sure, you may feel like a whale and not want a camera anywhere near you [I sure did] but a few years down the road, you’ll treasure your professional maternity photos.  I do.

A photo session with Seattle maternity photographer, Miss Freddy, is the perfect way to document your pregnancy.  Get a discounted [or FREE!] maternity photo session when you book a Newborn Special or First Year package.  Maternity photos are best at the beginning of the third trimester so contact me during your second trimester to schedule your session!

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  • I like that you wear the same top in all the pics, very cute! I’m in week 29 of my first pregnancy now and am loving the experience!ReplyCancel

  • HI from SITS sharefest! I too love that you wore that same shirt in every photo so that the growth could really be seen. I’m not so good with keeping up with journals, but I like the picture idea, even if it isn’t shared with anyone.ReplyCancel

  • Neila Martin

    Hi there! I love this template…I have been searching for a more compressed way to convey the joys of my first pregnancy and this is perfect! Do you by chance offer it with a pink theme/border? Also, do you offer it editable so I can type into it as the example is shown? Please let me know 🙂ReplyCancel

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