thirty one

Tomorrow, I turn thirty-two.  In preparation, I’ve written a very (very) random list of thirty-one things.


1)  When I was 7 years old, we were out for breakfast and my Dad told me that ‘the cinnamon roll is big enough for the whole family… the size of a dinner plate.’  I insisted that I didn’t need to share and ate *nearly* all of it myself.  I totally would have eaten the whole thing… if I hadn’t vomited.

2) Speaking of showing my parents… they bet me that if I got straight As in high school until I was 16, they would buy me a car.  They definitely didn’t think I would.  But I did.  And they kept up their end of the bargain!

3) You won’t find a regular sponge in my kitchen sink.  It’s a thing. I absolutely hate the way they make my hands smell. [I use one of these instead]

4) I also hate surprises.  Except for when we chose not to find out Colin’s gender… that was the coolest.

5) I still cannot believe I birthed a 10+ pound baby this year (without meds). It sure wasn’t pretty, but I’m stronger than I realized.

6)  The very best part of this year was a tie between hearing Colin’s first word (after waiting and waiting!!)

7) … and hearing Jillian giggle for the first time.

8)  I studied in Dublin my junior year of college.  My piece of advice for every high school senior will forever be ‘no matter what it takes… do a study abroad program.’

9)  I rowed crew my freshman year at Notre Dame.  They sent a recruiting letter the summer before I started college (based on my height, I believe) even though I had very limited athletic experience.  I ended up being pretty good at it, but it was overtaking my entire college experience so I didn’t continue.

10) We honeymooned in Tahiti… in one of those overwater bungalows that are plastered all over Pinterest.  It was as cool as it sounds.

11) I’ve never been hospitalized (aside from child birth) or broken a bone.

12) I only had three wisdom teeth (now removed).  My dad didn’t have any so does that mean I’m ‘wiser’?

13) I have a weird thing where I will only go to Aveda salons.  Growing up I always got my hair cut at the Aveda Institute near our house and became addicted to the smell of their products.

14) I almost never wear makeup.  Recently a friend gave me a makeup lesson and introduced me to this concealer (so cheap, yet so awesome!) Why don’t they send every new mom home from the hospital with one of those?

15) I was named Casey Catherine so that my monogram would be symmetrical.  It was something my grandmother started (my dad is Terrance Thomas).

16) Speaking of names, my parents never call me Casey.  Only Freddy. They say I looked like Fred Flinstone as an infant.  (and thus ‘Miss Freddy’ was born!)

17) I am a horrible singer.  But that doesn’t stop me from singing in the car.

18) My beverage of choice is hard cider.  My favorite is Bulmers (which I discovered in Ireland while studying abroad).  When it’s imported into the USA, it’s called Magners.

19) The worst movie I’ve ever seen was The Beach.  I didn’t see another Leonardo DiCaprio movie for over 10 years, out of spite.  I finally gave in for Inception (and I’m glad I did).

20) The thing I miss most about the Midwest is Kopps Custard.  (I was supposed to say my family, right?  I miss them too of course).

21)  I love to read.  One of my favorite books (you’ve probably never read) is Molo’kai.

22) I was a figure skater in grade school.  Nothing spectacular, but I sure did log a lot of hours on the ice.  And had some killer costumes.

23) There can be no one home, but as soon as I get in the shower, I swear I hear the baby crying.  Every time.  WHAT IS THAT?

24) My first concert was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom tour. To this day, it remains one of the best shows I’ve seen.

25) My favorite restaurant is the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Because I’m so fancy.  (Or because of the creamy pesto dressing!)

26)  I worked at the Gap in high school.  It was a pretty great gig except all of my paychecks went back to them in purchases.  Also, the folding skills I acquired there have served me well in life.

27)  I still have a jean jacket that I LOVE from my Gap days.  Recently I noticed the elbow is almost worn through and I nearly cried.  I’m not ready to say goodbye.

28) I grew up in Green Bay.  When I was in 4th grade I met (and had my picture taken with) Brett Favre.  In the photo, he has a goofy closed-mouth smile because it was before he ‘made it big’ and paid for perfect teeth.

29)  I am ADDICTED to the smell of Mrs Meyers cleaning products.  Their lemon verbena handsoap… yuuuuuuummmy.

30) In high school I loved the Backstreet Boys (ok, I totally still do).  Years later I used connections (I worked with the mayor’s daughter) to score tickets to see them at House of Blues in Chicago.  My dreams came true when I met them after the show, but I’m pretty sure it was only because they thought I was the mayor’s daughter.

31) I haven’t been on an airplane without a child on my lap in almost three years.  Later this year, John & I are going to Hawaii ALONE to celebrate our anniversary and I can’t wait to use my tray table!


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